Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Angels in Black - two different poems

A big part of David's program is dedicated to the prevention of drug related child abuse.  These child victims are known as drug endangered children.  When David gets to that section of his program he has a picture of a child in the arms of a law enforcement officer with the title "Angels in Black".  The title was taken from a poem written by Ron Mullins, training coordinator for National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children and former state trooper.  The following is Ron's orginal poem and then a re-write with the same title by Jose Oceans, a 14-yr.-old high school student, who attended one of David's presentations. 

The Angels in Black 

I sit alone in my room but I no longer cry
It doesn’t seem to matter much to mom and dad who only care about getting high

I don’t go to school much these days, I’m sick and it’s hard for me to breathe
No one cares about the things I really need

Dad cooks things in my house but it’s not for us to eat
It burns my lungs and my skin and makes it hard for me to see

Why does no one hear me? Why does no one care?
My mom and dad don’t love me back, and I don’t think that’s fair

Then one night I hear the sounds as the door comes crashing down
Mom and dad rush to hide the things I know they don’t want found

My mom and dad are on the floor, their hands behind their back
The men all have guns and helmets, and they are all dressed in black

They move from room to room as they continue to yell Police!
I am very frightened as I fall upon my knees

Then one of them looks down at me and he can tell I’m a child in need
He puts the gun away as he reaches down to me

He picks me up from the floor that has become my bed
The hand that held the gun, now gently holds my head

I can only see his eyes but they look so very sad
I wonder if he has a BOY like me, I wish he were MY dad

He rushes me from my house to an ambulance on the street
His eyes fill up with tears as he lays me on the seat

I now have good clothes to wear and good food to eat
I can breath good again and it’s not hard for me to see

I know now there is a God because when I prayed he sent an answer back
For the men who came to rescue me are really
The Angels In Black!
Ronald V. Mullins, National DEC Training Coordinator, San Diego , Ca.

The Angels in Black by Jose Oceans

Let’s hear it for our angels, now
Not the ones dressed in white
But the ones that, to fight earthly battles, vow
The ones that in the shadows choose to fight

Let’s hear it for those faces
The ones that come into our lives
And just the same are gone without leaving any traces
All without us even seeing their eyes

Let’s hear it for those arms
That over us they tower
And, fire, danger and gunshots, these things never alarm
When it is time, when it is the fighting hour

Let’s hear it for those hands
That hold the shields
Protecting us from the unforgiving people of the lands
The angels of judgment that guns, instead of swords they wield

Let’s hear it for their strength and courage
That face the flaming timbers of your beloved memories
Those who take a shot whilst the world’s an outrage
And they, who riots strung up, they appease

Let’s hear it for their wings that cradle you from the dangers
Of guns, or flames that cannot reach you
A friend you hold amidst the strangers
They will save you, which you know is true

Let’s hear it for our angels’ shadows
That in darkness they do shine
That are there to stand up to your foes
That in the deepest of darks, you they will always find

            By Jose Oceans

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  1. I really like the first poem it is sad and wonderful at the same time.